How can you Cancel Your Current AVG Subscription?

AVG antivirus is one of the best-known antivirus programs for offering freeware for phone and PC devices. AVG antivirus provides various basic tools in its freeware and provides all the advanced tools and services in its premium plans. You can get various AVG antivirus plans for your device. You need to check the resource specifications of your device then you can easily get a good plan for your device. 

AVG offers you a free trial for a month. You can easily use all the advanced tools and services of AVG antivirus for a month without paying anything. If you want to use that plan then you can easily purchase it after completing the free trial. But if you don’t want to use that plan then you will automatically revert to the freeware of AVG after completing the free trial phase. Once you complete the free trial, you can easily try another AVG antivirus and check its features. AVG antivirus is easy to install and use. 

Cancelling current AVG Subscription:

When you purchase an AVG plan, you get the license for a particular time (usually a year). Once the license expires, you need to renew the plan. But if you don’t want to renew your plan then you have to cancel AVG subscription. If your AVG plan is in auto-renewal then it will get renewed automatically a month before expiry. You need to cancel the subscription to prevent auto-renewal. Follow the mentioned steps for cancelling AVG antivirus:

  1. Go to the browser and search for AVG antivirus
  2. Open the AVG website and click on Log in
  3. Enter your AVG credentials
  4. Go to the subscriptions page
  5. Click on the subscription you want to cancel
  6. Hit the Unsubscribe button
  7. Choose Unsubscribe from future renewal option
  8. Tap the Got It button

Now you will be unable to see the Unsubscribe option and the status will change to Unsubscribing in process. You will get a verification message to ensure that your AVG plan has been cancelled. You may also receive a confirmation message from AVG on your registered email address. 

After cancelling the AVG antivirus subscription, you can use its features till the last date of subscription. Once the subscription expires, you won’t be able to use the premium tools of AVG. You can either use the free tools or you can also renew the AVG antivirus manually. If you want to use another AVG plan then you can also upgrade your antivirus easily. 

Renewing AVG antivirus manually

  1. Open your AVG dashboard
  2. Go to Subscription
  3. Click on Renew button
  4. You will be redirected to AVG antivirus website
  5. A renewal page will appear on your screen
  6. Click on Renew my AVG
  7. A billing page will appear
  8. Enter the billing details
  9. Confirm the details and click on Renew button

Once the payment completes, your AVG plan will get renewed. You will receive a renewal confirmation on your email address. Now you can use the premium tools of AVG antivirus easily. If you have a renewal key then click on I have a product key option. Type the key and click on the Renew button. 

Upgrading AVG antivirus plan

You can easily upgrade your AVG antivirus once your prior AVG plan expires. Open your dashboard and click on the Upgrade AVG option. You will be redirected to the AVG website. A list of AVG plans will appear on your screen. Check the resource requirements of AVG antivirus and click on the plan you want to install. Make payment and install the setup on your device. The new AVG plan will automatically uninstall the free plan from your device. Restart your device and use AVG antivirus on your device reliably. 

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